Airtel family and friends (FaF) code (How to Migrate)

AIRTEL-Family And Friends Code (faf)

Airtel family and friends (FaF) code, how to Migrate, change and also check family and friends numbers

Good day hitzavenue users today I will be telling you guys how you can easily Migrate to Airtel Family and friends easily in 2021, you can also Change your family and friends numbers with this short code thar will be provided Below;

How Airtel FAF (Family and Friends) Service Work
The Airtel family and friend package, allows users to register 5 selected numbers to be called with lower call rates. As an Airtel subscriber, you are permitted to add only a maximum of 5 numbers in your family and friends list.

Registration of numbers in your family and friends list is free, but if trying to add more numbers after removing previous numbers from your family and friends list, you will be charged a service fee of 50 Naira.

Airtel family and friends (FAF) call rate

Calling numbers registered on the Airtel FAF list will attract a call rate of 25 kobos per seconds, Between 6 AM and 9:59 AM

Calling numbers registered on the FAF list will attract a call rate of 21 kobos per seconds, Between 10 PM and 5:59 PM

FAF call rates are the same, regardless of the tariff plan you are on

However, if you are calling using the smartconnect bonus, the call rate is 40 Kobo per second (24 Naira per minute) irrespective of when you make the call.

Sms sent to numbers on numbers on your FAF list will attract normal charges.

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